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Latest Articles

How Exactly Does a Cash Advance Work?

A cash advance is basically just a short term loan, similar to a payday loan, in which you have to pay back on your next coming pay date. Some lenders won’t require you to pay it off entirely on the first payment, and will actually even allow payments for up to 90 days. Just be sure to be wary of interest rates when getting involved with extended payment plans.

The basic idea is that you pay back your loan when you get paid.

What is the process like for getting a cash advance?

What are the benefits of a cash advance?

How to Compete in the Digital Age

There comes a time when every business owner realizes that in order to stay competitive in their market, creating a brand and online identity is a must. With technology advancing as fast as ever, it’s important to find a company to work with that understands not only the present, but also the future. The real task is choosing the right agency that can deliver what your company needs to thrive online for many years to come. Below is a short checklist of how to pick the right one:

At the end of the day, it comes down to having an overall strategy and sticking to it as best as possible. Know your bottom line, know the goals you want to achieve, and know about the company that you choose to work with.

Our Review of the LG 34-Inch Ultrawide Monitor

For all you gaming enthusiasts and computer aficionados out there, here is our take on the LG 34-Inch Ultrawide monitor, the budget-friendly mega wide computer monitor.

While this monitor isn’t necessarily the cheapest UW (ultrawide) monitor out there, it is still in the entry level price range, and is still the cheapest of all the LG UW monitors. That being said, this monitor is as about as close as you can get to having dual monitors with just one screen.

The Pros:

The Cons:


The Steps to Becoming a Phlebotomist

A phlebotomist is the busy bee at hospitals, labs, or private practices, that draws blood from patients. While this is one of the lowest levels in the medical field, it is actually a stepping stone towards jobs with more responsibilities like being a nursing assistant and a registered nurse. Simply put, becoming a phlebotomist will get your feet wet in the world of working with patients, and give you a clear indicator if that’s a world you want go into deeper.

For specific information on how to become a phlebotomist in your state then you should head over to, but below we will list the basic steps that are involved with pursuing this career.

  1. Prerequisites – When signing up to different schools for training, the requirements for admission will vary from one institute to the next. However, there are some some common denominators between most of them, which is a high school level education and proof of being free of any sort of blood born illness.
  2. Training – One reason why phlebotomy is so common is because of the short length of training, with most programs being completed in less than one year’s time. While training, you will learn the basics and fundamentals of drawing blood in different manners, the equipment involved, and all the safety rules and laws involved. From there will you likely get some hands-on experience at a hospital or laboratory.
  3. Certification – Upon completion of your training, it is advisable to pursue the next step which is getting certified. Even though certification is actually optional when it comes to practicing phlebotomy, it’s always recommended because most big employers will only consider applicants that are certified. With so much competition out there in the medical field, certification is basically required.

From there you are almost home-free to your new career. The last leg of the journey is to get employed, and many students that are doing training are likely to be approached about a job before the training is even over. Even if you don’t get scouted right off the bat, there are an infinite amount of places you could work for, just be sure to stay open-minded and don’t focus on working at just one type of place, like a hospital.


Tips on Financing Investment Property

In recent years, homes prices have been on a steady climb since the massive housing crash, which has left many wondering if now is the time to get into real estate investment, or if the market is just too volatile at the moment.

Reports from the NAR, National Association of Realtors, mention 85% of major metro areas saw gains in family homes, while only 14% saw a decline in price.

That being said, it all comes down to interest rates for most investors. Even though interest rates may be low at the moment, it doesn’t mean that you can waltz in and get approved right off the bat like back in the day. The tightened market of today makes it much tougher to secure a loan for investment properties, but working with a knowledgeable company like IP Help will help with being a bit more creative when seeking financing.

Your two best bets for securing a decent loan is having a large down payment, and of course have a strong credit score. Most loans for investment properties require around 20% down payment, but if you can muster 25% or more, then you might qualify for better rates. Same goes for your credit score. Having a lower credit score might not necessarily hinder you from being accepted, but having a higher credit score will certainly give you an edge when seeking lower interest rates.

The Truth Behind Becoming a Photographer

It’s 2017 and we’ve all heard it a million times; In order to be successful at what you want to do and have a booming career you have to spend at least 4 years at some pricey college. Nowadays, the cost alone of tuition is too much for most to afford, and that isn’t even mentioning other costs like books and housing. But after you finish those grueling years of school you are guaranteed to receive a piece of paper with your name on it, and it grants you instant street cred and opportunities served to you on a silver platter…Right?

Let’s take a moment and think about what it would really take to become a successful photographer. The first problem is defining “success” for yourself. For most, success has to do with financial well-being, and being able to use their skills to pay the bills. However, some already run businesses that cover them financially, like Kyle Uchitel, so they may see success as having widely-known art pieces, or maybe they want to be able to donate their work to local organizations.

Regardless of your end goals, there are two key ingredients that will help you achieve what you want:

Beyond those, there are other ways to grow your skills and broaden your horizons, like attending workshops, traveling, and becoming an intern or simply mentoring another.


Do You Need a Splitting Axe?

For those that are not acquainted, a splitting axe is basically a tool that is specialized to split large chunks of wood into smaller pieces that are more manageable. Another benefit of having smaller chunks of wood is that it allows the wood to dry out faster, and wood with the right amount of moisture actually burns hotter than plain, green firewood. When you put green firewood in the fire and hear the sizzling and hissing start, you are then basically wasting some of the heat. This is because the wood is using the fire’s energy to evaporate the moisture that is in the wood. Anyone out there that has had to deal with splitting wood by hand with tools knows exactly how much of an strenuous job it can be. Luckily, there are specific tools that can make the process easier.

This is where the splitting axe comes into play. This style of axe is designed with an ace head that just splits the fibers of the wood, instead of cutting them. These axes have become so popular that there are even different styles of these axes, produced by all sorts of manufacturers.

One of the key features of these axes is that they are lighter in weight than a normal maul, which will greatly cut down on fatigue and allow you to split more wood than usual. Part of this lightness is due to the fact that some are made with fiberglass handles instead of wood handles. While these handle differences are more about preference, it’s still something to keep in mind when choosing to buy one.

Another key factor about these axes, and really axes in general, is that the overall length plays a big part in how efficiently and safely you can work. A longer axe handle will better suit tall people that want to split medium or large chunks, like a 36 inch handle. If you are in the market for a splitting axe I would recommend looking up a guide online for best splitting axe. Most sites will have buying guides that will help you choose on different factors like price range and show you where to buy or take you to Amazon to purchase.

Car Repair Scams at an All-Time High

Among all of the consumer complaints and grievances, auto repair scams are always at the top. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that consumers, in total, lose over a whopping 10 billion dollars each year due to faulty and unnecessary car repairs. While the majority of repair places are truthful up front, pretty much every part of the country encounters shops that operate dishonestly.

The problem stems from it being so easy for unethical mechanics to fool the average consumer because most don’t have a great understanding of how their car works. Most of the time people don’t even realize they’ve been ripped off until it’s too late. Even in the case that you do realize you’ve been scammed, it may be tough to understand how to get back at them, and if it’s even worth the time and cost.

Below are the most common car repair scams:

There are still a couple more scams or schemes to be wary of, but those listed above are the most common by far. As always, to help stay out of trouble be sure to: get a written estimate, ask for guarantees, background check the shop, and get several estimates.

Life After Buying the KitchenAid Food Processor

Before I jump into the nitty-gritty, it needs to be said that one of the main reasons why I chose this one over all the others is because of the size of this one. Most machines are at least 16 inches tall, and the counter-top space that is available has cabinets that hang quite low, so taller units are out of the question.

That being said, let’s first jump into the positive aspects of the KitchenAid.

While there are also some negatives, not only is this to be expected when you purchase a food processor that isn’t top of the line, but also I was label these as trade-offs, and not necessarily negative aspects:

In the end, I would recommend the KitchenAid to anyone that is looking to get their first food processor, and those that are maybe looking to replace their old or broken one. You can find a more in-depth review about this particular unit on and even check out some of the products on sites like Amazon to read personal testimonials.

Best Hot Air Fryer for Cooking Chicken

While there are many buying guides and sites to research and read an air fryer list, sometimes it’s nice to have a more specific guide, like this one about cooking specifically chicken in an air fryer. Below is a review of the most popular cookers on the market as of now, and hopefully this will help you choose the right one for your needs.

One of the most popular air fryers out there is the Paula Deen Ceramic Nonstick Fryer. Aside from this machine having the Paula Deen endorsement and name, it is actually a great little unit because it comes with some accessories that make it much easier to cook chicken. From a purely air frying stand point, it may not be the best, but when speaking about things like chicken wings, the Paula Deen wins 8 out of 10 times.

Right above the price point of the Paule Deen cooker is the Big Boss air fryer. This one is a little bit different because it technically combines 3 different styles of cooking: halogen, convection, and infrared heat. One of the best purposes for a machine like this to reduce the time of cooking frozen foods.

Near the top of the food chain is the Philips Advance XL Digital Airfryer. It is by far one of the largest and accommodating of all the various units on the market. While most other ones are capable of cooking snack size meals, this bad boy can handle basically 3 pound loads of food.

Poisonous Dog Food: Menu Foods

Recently, a danger has been spreading through the pet owner community: poisonous pet food. At least ten cats and dogs have been killed by this tragedy before a recall was issued. Since then, the manufacturer of the food conducted a taste test of their product, during which time seven more died, according to the Food and Drug Administration. The manufacturer of the poisonous food, Menu Foods of Streetsville, Ontario, tested the food on roughly fifty animals after they heard that their products were making pets sick. They immediately alerted the FDA and began a full investigation of the products. Of course all of this could be avoided if you just went with the barf diet for dogs.
This contamination put many pets at risk, considering that Menu Foods produces food for multiple companies including Eukanuba, Iams, and Science Diet, as well as off-brands for companies such as Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie, and Price Chopper. The full list is posted on the Menu foods website at The possible culprit of the contamination comes from wheat gluten, a protein used to help “fill out” the particular food, or give it more substance. The reason the FDA believes this is because the first cases of illness coincided with the company’s switching of one wheat gluten to another. If this is the case, the FDA has discovered the supplier of the contaminated wheat gluten; however, they would not identify the company to the public. Fortunately, it appears that no other pet food manufacturers were supplied by this particular company, although that possibility has not been ruled out.

The main cause of death in the stricken animals was kidney failure. Lethargy, loss of appetite, and vomiting are all symptoms of such failure. As such, multitudes of pet owners flooded their local veterinarian offices fearing that their precious pets had been infected by the poison. In just one day, one clinic even received over 100 calls from concerned pet owners. This shows the trend that pet owners are considering their pets to be family members, and if the animal becomes sick, the owner feels responsible.

Many people have had to euthanize their pets due to the poisoning. It seems that only the wet food being produced has any poison mixed in. Because of this need for euthanization, many pet owners have become indignant with the food processing companies, feeling that these companies should have taken better care to ensure that the food did not get contaminated by the poison, especially considering that these companies, such as Iams and Science Diet, are suppose to have great reputations and strict regulations on what is produced and the products being used to produce it. Nonetheless, both pet food companies and pet owners will enforce stricter expectations of the products fed to animals.

Scrutinize Your Credit Report to Improve it

When trying to make repairs to your credit score, and make amends on your debts that are still in your credit history, there are still other things that consumers are able to do, but don’t because it’s not that apparent.

Most creditors will claim that consumers are about to dispute and remove wrong information that is on their credit report, but the truth is the average consumer doesn’t really know what to look for when it comes to inconsistencies. That’s when a company like Ovation Credit Services can come to the rescue. Companies like theirs will work with you to find out every angle they can take to correct your credit history, and in many cases, quickly bring your credit score back up.

So why don’t creditors recommend that consumers seek the assistance of credit counselors? Well, the truth is, there are many shady organizations that claim to be non-profit, but then pressure individuals into “donating” to make up for the help that they are receiving. On top of that, the creditors generate more revenue in the long run if people keep lower credit scores since many will have to put in serious work to bring it back up. That means more credit reports, and more requests for financing options, which again means more credit history look-ups.

So what is the moral of the story? You basically have 2 options to increase your credit score, and also reduce your credit utilization rate: lower your debt by paying off your current overdue balances, and make sure that there is no false or inconsistent information on your credit report.

Bulletproof or Nootropics?

In recent years, there’s been a very strong trend of people that have taken a liking to taking Nootropics. Nootropics, to the unaware, are like basically smart drugs – they are compounds that are specially formulated to enhance the function of your brain. It’s just the new thing to do if you want to give your mind that extra boost that you sometimes need.

There are many types of these enhancers, and one of the most common and popular is Modafinil. Modafinil is widely available for purchase online, but be sure to go with a proven provider like ModUp. Without having first-hand experience with substances like these it’s hard to understand if they really do anything.

If taking these pills is out of the question for you, but are still interested in the feeling and effects they might have, then something like bulletproof coffee might be a happy medium for you. Many would argue that things like caffeine, nicotine, and cocaine are even considered nootropics. That may be the problem with the nootropics industry in general, all of them are sort of grouped together into this single entity of sketchy pills.

The other problem is that many people don’t necessarily notice the differences that happen when taking these enhancers – at first. Most only notice it once they discontinue taking them, then they realize that they feel much different without taking them. The idea is that the enhancement feels so natural that you don’t notice it, until your advantage is taken away. The only real downside is that drugs like modafinil really enhances everything about you and your mind, so maybe you have some negative aspects about yourself, like you dislike going to class, well these enhancers will make those feelings even more apparent. Basically, both positives and negatives are amplified when dealing with enhancers.

Compression Sleeves: Do They Really Help?

When watching sports either in person or on TV, there’s usually some athletes that are using those new compression socks or sleeves on their legs or arms. If you’re new to all that then you’re probably wondering if they even work, or if it’s some companies trying to create new markets by using athletes to fool people into thinking it’ll make them perform better.

To get a better idea of if these things work, you first need to understand how they function and how they impact your body, which mainly has to do with knowing how blood moves and flows through your body.

The heart is the machine that drives the whole operation, which basically means it pumps oxygen with our blood in it to your muscles and extremities using the blood freeways, which are your arteries. From there, the cells use up the oxygen and other nutrients within the blood, then the deoxygenated blood and other waste are taken back to the heart via your veins. Once it’s back to the machine, it is re-oxygenated from your lungs, then whole process starts over again.

That being said, sleeves like the ones from DinoDerm provide a gradual type of compression, meaning, it may be tighter at the foot and ankle area, and gets looser as it goes up the leg. This sort of compression aims to combat the effects of gravity and aids with moving the deoxygenated blood back to your heart.

Recent studies have shown that the optimal level of persistent compression cause your arteries to dilate, which will increase the blood flow through them. These increases can be quite noticeable too, with studies showing up to 40% during physical activity, and still at 20%-30% while resting. All this essentially that more blood will be flowing more easily. The compression even helps by constricting your veins, leading to an increased velocity of the blood – meaning it’ll get back to your heart faster and turned back into usable goods.

Random Internet Problems With Windows 8.1

While trying to make some updates to our site about some new additions and news, I kept encountering this “dns_probe_finished_nxdomain error” in the Google Chrome browser. The weird thing is that it first started when I got a new laptop with a fresh Windows 8.1 Home Professional installed. The first thing I did was download Google Chrome, but then we I tried to use it, that’s when I got the error.

Since restarting the laptop didn’t fix the problem, I was forced to search online for Fix Dns Probe finished NxDomain Chrome and just hope that the solution would be easy enough for someone like me to be able to attempt. Upon my research it looks like there is not a single solution to this problem, but rather a couple different things you can try to get the error to go away.

Luckily for me, the first of the many solutions worked for me, which was just resetting Google Chrome back to default settings. The weird part is that I never changed anything in the first place, considering I had just downloaded it. I mention luckily because all the other instructions for the other solutions seemed a bit complicated since I’m not technically savvy.

Also while doing the search, there seemed to be a common consensus that Windows 8 is not that great when compared to Windows 10, and I have to say I’m also not a fan since I’ve used 7 for so long. Maybe this is just a sign that I should take the free upgrade to Windows 10.

Unexpected Costs of Being a Tenant

While most costs are clearly laid out on the table when signing up to rent an apartment or house, most renters don’t think about the final effort that has to be put into cleaning the residence when moving out.

Typically when faced with the tall task of deep cleaning a living space, most people opt to hire a local end of tenancy cleaning company. What makes these companies so useful is that they know exactly what needs to be perfectly cleaned so that you aren’t hit with any hidden costs when moving out. Not only that, but pretty much all companies will come prepared with their own equipment and cleaning supplies.

Many of the more expensive companies even offer some sort of guarantee that your rented space will pass any inspection from the landlord, when it comes to cleanliness. The more expensive services even deep clean your upholstery and rugs if necessary.

Selecting a New Payment Processor

Since we’ve been back in business, we’ve been looking for a new payment processor. While we’ve enjoyed what Paypal has brought to the table for us, it’s time to move onto a new company that puts more effort into supporting small businesses. Since we also have a retail location, we need things like card readers and possibly mobile card readers. Paypal offers a mobile card read that we used in the past, but the Paypal fees are really eating into our bottom line.

We’ve been searching around to see what our best options are for a business like our. One possibility is working with goE Merchant and get a merchant account. Our main goal is to equip are store with up-to-date POS equipment that is secure and offers a wide range of payment options like all major cards, Apple Pay, and eCheck.

Adapting to New Services For Operating Online

It seems in this day and age it’s almost mandatory to use PayPal when it comes to conducting business online and accepting payments. While PayPal is great and all, at a certain point you just have to acknowledge that there is an endless amount of horror stories out there on the ‘net about PayPal and them making all kinds of crazy decisions and closing people’s accounts for no reason.

The obvious counter to this point is that if you aren’t doing anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about. That still doesn’t make up for the fact that it’s also easy to get scammed by buyers opening disputes about orders and getting a refund. Then if you have too high of a refund rate your account will be limited or closed. What kind of business would want to operate with a payment processor that can just put a hold on your funds at any point in time.

The point isn’t to avoid PayPal, because if you choose to not use them then you are essentially leaving money on the table. What should be utilized is services like that makes it simple to transfer money between these different online wallets. We have been looking for a service to quickly move funds from PayPal to WebMoney. This way, we are still able to accommodate customers that love the security and being familiar with PayPal, but are able to easily transfer money to other accounts and enjoy a peace of mind.

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